there goes my hero

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peter parker + using his spider-like abilities with grace

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eyes, fingers, metal arm, boots

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (USA, 2014)

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She smells like what damp earth smells like after a heavy rain and that perpetual scent of gunpowder, like it’s seared under her skin, and Clint’s trying to cling onto it all so hard that his hands are shaking.

“Natasha,” he breathes out without exactly knowing what he’s saying, just that there’s this raw, anxious ache in his chest that’s suddenly burst wide open and he can’t hold onto the pieces of him tightly enough. “Oh my god, Natasha. Natasha. Natasha.” — exerpt from x


"Is that why you’re dancing with me?" he asked. "Is this a thank you?"

"No," she answered honestly.

Bloody Shangri-La by fabiansgoldwatch

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When you’re seventeen to early twenties, that’s the time you’re trying to work out who you are. If you’re trying to make some kind of artistic or creative impact, that’s the age when you start to figure out how to do that.

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no that’s my person don’t go near my person doNT TOUCH MY PERSON THEY ARE MY PERSON AND YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME NO

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Doctor Who Fest: day two

↳ Favourite villain: The Doctor

When you began all those years ago, sailing off to see the universe, did you ever think you’d become this? The man who can turn an army around at the mention of his name. Doctor. The word for healer and wise man throughout the universe. We get that word from you, you know. But if you carry on the way you are, what might that word come to mean?

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Winter Soldier AU: The Commander and The Winter Soldier

After finding Bucky Barnes, HYDRA tracks down Captain America through a locator hidden on the aircraft. Both are wiped and utilized as assets. It is soon discovered that if the two are in the company of each other, they do not fight to remember their pasts. The Winter Soldier and the Commander work together. There is a natural comradeship between them, though neither know why. Together, they are unstoppable.
However, the serum adapts. The Commander and the Winter Soldier are sent out to complete a simple contract: Kill Tony Stark. But the mission’s face is so similar to a shadow of the past. They fail the objective. The Commander and the Winter Soldier are haunted by the memories of another life, still brothers in arms, always, but fighting for a different side. HYDRA is not what it claims to be. The Commander begs his comrade to escape with him and inexplicably says, “I’ll be with you, ‘til the end of the line.” He does not know what it means, but he knows it means something. But the Winter Soldier refuses, and tries to ignore the nausea that thrums through his veins as he watches the man he has followed through infinite lifetimes disappear into the darkness of the night without him.
A new contract arrives.
The Commander has been compromised.
And the Winter Soldier must take him out.  

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Jena Malone photographed by Elizabeth Weinberg.

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Portraits, 2013 | by Charlotte Clara

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Jodi Lynn Anderson, Tiger Lily

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